Local workshop on Autonomous dRone in Kumamoto (LARK)


Autonomous aerial vehicles has been studied in Kumamoto by researchers of academia and developers of industries in these decades. This workshop is initiated by persons concerned of this field in Kumamoto in order for the progress of the technology, and for practical applications, and it is intended for the workshop to tie people with sharing the knowledge by organizing the community.

Objective of LARK:

The objective of the workshop is to encourage the research and development of sophisticated and safe autonomous aerial systems and related technology by members' activities and collaboration, and to develop novel applications for practical purposes, which contributes to the society.


In order to achieve the above objective, the workshop organizes following activities:

  • lectures, and symposium
  • support UAV research and development
  • support UAV applications
  • publish annual reports

See "Activity" for further information.


The workshop is coordinated by the steering committee(see "Committee")

Those who are interested in research and development of UAV in Kumamoto are welcome to join. Please contact the workshop office (info@drone.kumamoto.jp).

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