Events and activities

Activities of LARK

The workshop organizes following activities in order to make practical uses and applications of UAV in Kumamoto:

  • lectures, and symposium
  • support UAV research and development
  • support UAV applications
  • publish annual reports

Scheduled Events

Feburary 6 (2017) LARK Symposium with KUMAMOTO reconstrucion support project by Kumamoto Universith

Information on this symposium is available on the symposium page (in Japanese).

December 19 (2016) LARK Symposium "UAVs at Tough sites -Its frontline and Radio communication-"

Please refer to the symposium site : LARK Symposium 2016

August 5 (2015) LARK Symposium "Future of Drones -Evolution and Development-"

Professor Kenzo Nonami, Chiba University, the leading expert of the technology in the world, will give the keynote speech on drones, and Mr Yutaka Fujiwara from Cabinet Office, Government of Japan will give a special talk on regional revitalization with regulatory reform.

Place : Hotel Kumamoto Terrsa

Time : 13:30 open,13:45 start

Contact :Semicon-Forest Office (application) (E-mail: Tel: 096-285-8131)

Information: LARK Office (E-mail:

Please also refer the symposium page (written in Japanese).